Iljin-Mode in Russland: Putins braune Metaphernschleuder

Seit 2004 sind Iljins „Unsere Aufgaben“ zu einer unerschöpflichen Zitatenquelle für die Reden des russischen Präsidenten geworden. Je feierlicher der Anlass, desto höher die Wahrscheinlichkeit, in seinen Reden auf Iljin zu stossen.


“Revanche”: opposition nationalists pledge their cooperation with the authorities (part 1)

At the end of August 2016, a presentation of the new right-wing movement “Tradition and Order” took place in Kyiv. “Tradition and Order” targets a nationalistic audience, which means it will inevitably encounter competition from existing parties, namely the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda, the Right Sector and others.


Trump and the Third Position

Third position fascism’s championing of anti-capitalism is perhaps one of its most nefarious components. Its appeal to those on the Left as well as to those “insurgent workers and declassed strata” arises due to an aporia of the Left, where anti-capitalist movements are unable to sufficiently distinguish themselves from these fascist anti-capitalist movements.