Right Sector’s Leader in Lviv: Nazism, Criminality, and International Connections

Just as most of Ukrainian far right, Taras “Hummer” Bobanych does not conceal his neonazi and racist views. Apart from conveniently confirming Russian government’s allegations of fascism in Ukraine, the far right here are openly calling for a military coup and installation of a “real junta”.


Separatisten a̶l̶l̶e̶r̶ ̶L̶ä̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ vereinigt euch! Zwei Moskauer „Dialoge der Nationen“ im Vergleich – Teil 1

Die erste der beiden bis dato abgehaltenen „Separatisten-Konferenzen“ fand am 20. September 2015 statt. Angekündigt waren insgesamt elf Delegationen, die zwar aus unterschiedlichen Ecken des Planeten anreisten, aber dennoch überdurchschnittlich separatistische Bewegungen aus den USA, und keine einzige aus Russland repräsentierten.


Trump, Brexit, Syria… and conservative leftism

It seems clearer as time goes on that these three strands of conservative anti-imperialism, conservative populism and anti-rationalism/intellectual populism go together, that holding one of these viewpoints is a very good predictor of holding the others.


Who runs Azov’s new party?

It’s hard to suggest who has the real power in the party. So we’ll try to identify a few people from Biletsky’s inner circle, who might be real party leaders or fundraisers.


Against “conservative leftism” : Why reactionary responses to neoliberalism fail

Red-brown politics, like fascism, also tends to reject logic and science, promoting traditional/pre-capitalist ways of living and working, including traditional gender roles and sometimes “back-to-the-land” rejection of technology.


Adventures of Russian Right Radicals in the Ukrainian War

This article provides a picture of the participation of the Russian far right in this military conflict from both sides


Communist Youth of Poland: Against the “black monkey” and the “Banderist pig”

„It is impossible to mix Islam with Marxism which is a materialistic ideology but I think that mixing Shariah law with some elements of planned economy would be a great system for the whole world civilisation, especially for the Middle East”


Borotba: Ukrainian “communists” working for Surkov

The recently leaked emails from the office of Russian president’s administration contain information on the cooperation between a Ukrainian Stalinist group and the Kremlin in 2013-2014. Borotba, which became an icon of “anti-imperialism” for many Western left, turned out to have received money from an imperialist government and cooperate with far-right groups. Read more at Reft&Light.


“Revanche”: who was behind the emergence of “Tradition and Order” (part 2)

The second part of the article about the new far-right party recently created in Ukraine explores the complicated relations and conflicting patronage networks defining the course of competition in the far right political field and framing the agenda of the competing forces.


“Revanche”: opposition nationalists pledge their cooperation with the authorities (part 1)

At the end of August 2016, a presentation of the new right-wing movement “Tradition and Order” took place in Kyiv. “Tradition and Order” targets a nationalistic audience, which means it will inevitably encounter competition from existing parties, namely the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda, the Right Sector and others.